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Nutritional Therapy

Kraig is a London-based nutritional therapist, herbalist, activis and health educator

Kraig is the Founder of Health and Rejuvenation a comprehensive provider of health and wellness services to individuals, groups and corporations. Kraig’s Nutritional Clinics provide one to one personalised Health & Fitness nutritional & lifestyle advice, detailed guidance & support for children, men and women at all stages of life. 

He believes health is wealth & takes a holistic approach dealing with the whole person, acknowledging the connection between the physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual aspects of the self.  A personal consultation can be booked to identify your potential nutritional imbalances and how these may be contributing to your particular signs and symptoms of ill-health. 

 Do you want to create your perfect body, restore health - body mind & spirit, reverse the aging process & potentially extend your life, break bad habits & reduce stress,understanding Yourself & Life Better

A consultation face to face or via Skype is also a popular choice for those wishing to optimise their Health, Fitness & Longevity.

Kraig's area of expertise is plant-based nutritional therapy as registered Vegetarian and Vegan Nutritional Therapist, having studied to Practitioner Level 3 with the respected British School of Yoga. Opting to study distantance learning, after qualifying Kraig had a Diploma in Boi Chemic Medicine, Herbalism, Anatomy and Physiology & Raw Food Nutritin. In April 2018 Kraig begins his 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. 

Kraig is a member of The International Alliance Of Holistic Therapists and The Association Of Holistic And Complementary Practitioners. 

As a Nutritional Therapist Kraig can help in many different areas of nutrition

Create Meal Plans To Suite Individual Needs
Detoxification and Cleansing
Intolorance Testing
Preventative Health Care
Weight Loss
Digestive Health
Cardiovascular Health
Cancer Care
Women's Health
Men's Health
Children's Nutrition
Sports Nutrition
Transitioning to a more Plant-Based Diet / Vegetarian /Vegan /Raw Vegan or even wish to become a Healthier Vegetarian /Vegan 

"I explore all areas of vitality & help people make a healthy change from old patterns to holistic health and healthy diet leading to wellness and happiness. Each person is unique and plans are tailored to individual, their emotional and physical state. I work with people at their own pace combining nutritional protocol, holistic lifestyle, guidance and bespoke practices to support their inner growth and build a realistic plan of action"

Want to take control of you health & fitness goals? make the necessary changes in your diet & lifestyle for optimal health, get motivated, feel amazing & Vitalised. 

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