August newsletter - corporate wellbeing programs

Corporate wellbeing programs in London

 A recent employemto global survey of 22,000 people pointed to the importance of wellbeing programs at work:

  • Burnout - a sense of extreme fatigue - 58% of employees, said that it had affected them within the past three months. 
  • Relationship with work - what does it mean to have a fulfilling professional life? 43% of employees agree that Covid-19 has decreased the importance they place on their careers. 
  • Wellbeing and return on investment - employees who rated their employer's commitment to wellness as good or excellent were 75% more likely to say they were loyal to a business. 

In our experience in London and Australia, wellbeing programs are most effective when:

  • the program is not a sticking plaster covering up dysfunction in the organisation but is aligned with overall training needs;
  • is not seen as a quick fix by the team; more extended programs which enable participants to share ideas and best practices and help mould the shape of the program organically;
  • there is a solid evidence-based approach;
  • an action learning approach is adopted; enabling the participants to discuss the application of ideas and techniques to workplace challenges; and
  • simple and practical.

An example of one of our current programs is with the team at Avantgarde in London. They are three months into a program and have already enjoyed:

  • One to one wellbeing coaching sessions
  • A webinar on stress and nutrition with Dr Delia McCabe
  • A fun guided walking tour with Chris Roberts
  • An aromatherapy for creativity and mental wellbeing session with author Julia Oyelye

Contact us today if you want to learn more about our approach to team wellbeing programs.
Andy Roberts