Addictions counselling

Experience of addictions counselling and recovery

This article was contributed by a contact of the Breathe London therapy team and hopefully helps people understand more about addictions counselling and what help is out there.

“I’ve spent most of my adult life either living in London or Sydney.  And for much of that time I was either an occasional or heavy user of recreational drugs.  As a gay man I was simply doing what many other gay men do.  Looking fun, looking for escape, looking for meaning and occasionally feeling very lost. There were a number of times when fun was anything but that.  It was sad, it was scary, it was lonely and it was confusing.

I also found it hard to reconcile the fact that I was super aware of the impact of these drugs on my body and brain but still continued to use. I felt some shame that my life was 90% committed to health, wellbeing, family, friends and learning but that I just felt incapable of breaking free of addiction to class A’s and sex.

Time has helped me heal.  Moving cities has helped me heal.  Mindfulness techniques have helped me heal. Friendship, family and love has helped me heal.

Personal trauma and bereavement has actually helped and healed the most. “

Getting professional help

“Over the last four years I have given back.  I’ve shared my experience of dependency with a drug and alcohol detox charity.  I’ve volunteered time at a drug and alcohol program.  I’ve seen and experienced the quality of professional help that is out there.”

Addictions counselling at Breathe London

If you or a friend are experiencing addictions issues please contact Simon Hudson for an initial consultation.

Simon is one of the psychotherapists at Breathe and has years of experience behind him.  Simon is at Breathe London Waterloo on Thursdays and at Breathe London Covent Garden on Tuesdays

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