Body composition analysis

What is Body Composition Analysis?

Body composition analysis includes using the most accurate and appropriate method to estimate a person’s body composition. We use Tanita Body Composition Analyser, which uses the latest bioelectrical impedance analysis technology developed by Tanita.

The assessment includes the measuring of your body weight, fat percentage, muscle mass, hydration level, basal metabolism rate, visceral fat, metabolic age  and body mass index (BMI). Some of these factors such as visceral fat, fat mass, basal metabolism rate and weight are essential for long-term health. For example, a slow basal metabolic rate will make it harder to lose body fat and overall weight while excessive body fat may be associated with health related problems such as cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, coronary artery diseases, hypertension. Too little body fat is seen in individuals with eating disorders.

What does body composition assessment help with?

  • To monitor the effectiveness of nutrition ( weight loss) and exercise programme
  • To design diet plan and fitness program
  • To monitor hydration level and to adjust the intake of fluids accordingly
  • To identify the client’s health risk associated with increased body fat and visceral fat
  • To estimate ideal body weight
  • To monitor the impact of weight loss or fitness programme on the client’s health
  • To promote client’s understanding associated with increased body/visceral fat

Who is accredited to do body composition assessment?

Our registered, highly qualified and experienced nutritional therapist Simona Novakovic  is accredited to perform the assessment and to analyse your test results. Based on this assessment you will be given a personalised diet and lifestyle programme to help you achieve your ideal weight, increase fitness level and energy and improve your overall health and wellbeing.

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Simona Novakovic - Nutritional therapy

Simona Novakovic - Nutritional Therapy 

Simona is available on an adhoc basis at Breathe. Find out ore about body analysis and nutrition coaching today.She is also availble online for consultations.

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