Cranial Sacral therapy

What is Cranial Sacral Therapy?

Cranial Sacral therapy is a  gentle, subtle and profound therapy that encourages the release of stresses and tensions throughout the body. It strengthens vital pathways while removing blockages. It addresses every function of the body, acute/chronic disease and emotional disturbances. It also releases stress, encouraging well-being and vitality. 

What do Cranial Sacral therapists do during a treatment?

Structural imbalances, spinal misalignments and heightened stress levels can interfere with the efficient transmission of “Chi” or “prana” resulting in ill health and disease.
Cranial Sacral therapists help correct structural imbalances in the human body allowing the innate intelligence to go where it needs to go, restore impeded circulation, alleviate nerve impingement and therefore allow dysfunctional cells to heal themselves.

What conditions may it be useful for?

People come to see a Cranial Sacral therapist for a range of conditions including back pain, headaches or head or birth trauma and stress related issues.

Techniques used by cranial sacral therapists

Cranial Sacral Therapy does not involve any spinal manipulations or adjustments but rather focuses on the use of light touch therapies to align the structural integrity of the body that is the root cause of many structural and spinal imbalances.

Therapists therefore may employ a number of techniques from different healing modalities including Myofascial Release Therapy, Positional Release Therapy, Muscle Energy technique Therapy, Polarity Therapy or Acupressure.

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