Life coach

What is a life coach?  What is life coaching?

Good life coaches create safe spaces in which we can shine a spotlight on our own experience of life.  They also provide useful frameworks for investigating that experience.  Evidenced based frameworks help us explore the following questions:

  • Does that look like me?
  • Do I interact with the world in that way?
  • What brings meaning in my life?
  • What brings me joy in my life?
  • What connects me to other people?
  • What helps me connect more to my environment?
  • What helps me connect and tune in to intuition?
  • How can I see the world in a calm and balanced way?
  • What do I want less of in my life?
  • What do I want more of in life?
  • How can I get there?

Do people need life coaching?

The speed of life, the length of hours we work and the desire to cram in a lot of activities mean that we naturally have to do a lot of autopilot thinking and acting.  To navigate and succeed in a busy world we have to do this.  However this processing speed may mean that we fail to mindfully examine the experiences in life that truly make us thrive.

We may become addicted to “business”.  I know in my own life I used to carry the busy mantra like a badge of honor.  I still hear some of my friends and family describe work and their social life as “crazy”.  When asked how they are they roll their eyes and smile and rejoice in the rush. Being busy equates to being needed, useful and connected.

I’ve changed my own mantra so that I now tell people that I have lots of time, have a good work life balance and choose high value activities.   Some people look slightly uncertain when I say this.  An unknowing glance and a slight frown cross their brow. “Is he ill? Is he making enough money?  Is he happy”?

Changing this mantra and creating more pockets of stillness in my life follows a Confucianism philosophy.  Through the creation of pockets of tranquility we are able to pierce the veil of ignorance, which can mire our worldview.  Businesses and heightened anxiety makes it more likely that we follow the pack and may mean that we are less able to tap into our intuition.  Pockets of stillness enable us to pause and engage our higher cognitive functions.  With capacity we can tap into our gut instinct and also tune into logic and the bigger picture.

Life coaches, when at their best, help us identify the things in life that make us feel more competent, autonomous and also connected.  Frameworks and space enable us to better identify the factors, which promote joy and meaning.

Can life coaching help?

Coaching can help if:

  • You invest wholeheartedly in the exercise
  • The coach is able to create a nurturing and open space
  • You give the process time
  • The coach is a great listener and is empathetic
  • The coach provides solid, interesting, evidenced based frameworks
  • Your relationship with the coach is one of honesty, openness, mutual respect and kindness
  • The coach should be engaging and energetic with strong personal experiences from which to draw – however those experiences should not dominate your session.  It is your space and your journey

Who can be a life coach? And what is your next step to contacting one?

Make sure that they have many years of practical experience, have professional indemnity insurance and have a strong background in psychology.

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