Moving stretch therapy

What is moving stretch therapy?

Moving Stretch® is a type of resistance stretching (which requires that we engage our muscles continuously throughout a movement). This is just like when we yawn and stretch, but with many different kinds of movements to work on different areas of the body.

In a Moving Stretch® session you will have walking massage first, in order to warm up the tissue and then you will be stretched in order to free tight areas and strengthen weaker ones. This leads to a much more balanced, open and free body. You will also be taught self-stretches to do at home to continue the good work. People tend to feel taller, freer, more energetic and even dexterous after sessions. 

Suzanne created Moving Stretch®; so that there was a system of resistance stretching that could be accessed by people with varying levels of mobility, flexibility, of different ages, and needs. It is designed to work well alongside sports and physical activities that people already do (helping their performance and technique) and also to help people with specific issues including posture, inflexibility and pain. She believes that freedom of movement is essential for a healthy and happy life, and loves helping people to free their bodies.

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Suzanne offers sessions in Breathe London at the Colombo Centre on Wednesdays and at Jubilee Hall on Thursdays. In addition she runs teaching training courses and also offers workshops and seminars worldwide.

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Suzanne Wylde Moving Stretch®

Moving stretch therapy and wellbeing coaching

At present Suzanne is focusing on coaching clients remotely using Zoom . Contact her today to find out more.

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