Nutritional coaching

What is nutritional coaching?

There is clear and emerging evidence of the relationship between good gut health and mental wellbeing.  What is certain, from research, is that the gut environment of people depression and heightened anxiety is different to people with a positive and resilient mindset.

Which came first?  The gut health or the mental health?  Or do they emerge together? To what extent is good gut health a heritable factor, influenced by our ancestors?  To what extent can we improve our gut health to have a healthy balance of bacteria in our gut?

These are all questions that researchers are looking at now.  What is becoming clear however is that there are certain lifestyle decisions and food types which promote good gut health.

Our tips on developing a healthy gut

  • Intermittent fasting and or occasionally having a food intake gap of 14 hours  - Feeding gaps have been shown to restore good balance and gut health (Please check in with your primary health advisors such as your GP or metal health expert before embarking on any program of occasional fasting)
  • Reduce your intake of processed food types
  • Increase the amount of fruit and vegetables in your diet
  • Cut down on red meat
  • Reduce portion sizes, especially in the evening
  • Significantly cut down on sugar and alcohol
  • Exercise regularly
  • Practice slow, deep diaphragmatic breathing exercises
  • Get abdominal massages
  • Practice meditation techniques and/or download apps

How can we help?

Our nutritional coaches are there for advice, meal planning, body composition assessments and to help you with goal and incentive setting.

They can also introduce you to the physical therapies team for abdominal massages and also to the hypnotherapists and CBT experts at the centre who can help you develop a positive mindset when  it comes to lifestyle changes.

What is your next step to booking a nutritional coaching session?

Simona is at Breathe London Waterloo and Covent Garden by appointment

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Simona Novakovic - Nutritional therapy

Simona Novakovic - Nutritional Therapy 

Simona is available on an adhoc basis at Breathe. Find out ore about body analysis and nutrition coaching today.She is also availble online for consultations.

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