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About Julien – personal trainer working with Breathe London in Covent Garden

Julien is a top personal trainer with a strong rugby background. He has a fresh approach to personal fitness, which combines sports values with fitness psychology. Julien has been training clients in central London for ten years, and is particularly experienced at tailoring fitness programmes to the needs of a variety of individuals, including busy professionals, older clients, deaf clients and clients with complex needs.

Julien’s experience as a rugby player in France (at ASM Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne), and in London (with Blackheath, Belsize Park and the French Londoners) helps him to motivate people and to push them gradually to achieve their goals.

Julien also holds a master’s degree in French Public Law.


Julien’s approach to personal training emphasises intensity and efficiency, offering you a workout which makes the best use of your time in order to generate results.

Julien says “Each person is different and has different goals and needs. In my training I aim to help clients to develop a holistic approach to their fitness that meets their individual needs and takes account of their individual lifestyle. I do my best to ensure that we achieve an efficient workout within an hour, offering the most personalized service possible. I understand that we don’t all have the same history or attitude towards physical activity and my job is to make the link between where you are right now, and where we could go together.”


“I signed-up to train with Julien for an initial 2 month period, to get me back into the gym and focus on strength and tone. As a keen runner I've always been relatively fit, but often lose focus and forget to go ‘back to basics' and concentrate on the strength side of training, which I know benefits me when running. 

Julien instantly understood my requirements and developed a programme that concentrated on building leg strength while not ignoring my core and upper body. I was initially unsure of his methodology, as we moved fairly swiftly from one exercise to another (he doesn't do downtime!), but after a couple of weeks soon saw the benefit of this. 

He understood I didn't want to 'bulk up' but stay relatively lean, while also improving my flexibility. After the first 2 months I signed up for a further 4 weeks and saw an improvement in my running form. He's a joy to train with and very personable

Highly recommended.” 

Lucy Reeve, Runner

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Julien is at Jubilee Hall gym in Covent Garden 7 days a week

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