Yoga and Tai Chi in Waterloo and Covent Garden

The way we stand, move and exercise has a profound effect both on our physical and mental wellbeing .  By simply changing the way we hold ourselves we have a positive impact upon our optimism, tenacity and physical health.  At Breathe, Daniela and Brenda offer one to one yoga sessions and Laura and Keith provide one to one lessons in Taiji (Tai Chi) and Qigong.  

Why do one to one yoga?

Yoga has become a mainstream gym class in the last twenty years.  But so many people are practicing in a way that does not provide the greatest benefits.  Quite often class sizes are large and the instructor might be unable to pass on their knowledge of how to perform the posture or breathing exercise correctly.

The other issue is that we in the West often fundamentally misunderstand what yoga means.  A one to one session with an experienced teacher can enable a much deeper and rich understanding of the mind, body and spiritual aspects of a yoga practice.

The benefits of a whole yoga practice are manifold including improved concentration, reduced anxiety, a great sense of general wellbeing, physical ease, strengthening, flexibility and toning.  Whether you want to sharpen your physical (asana) practice,  learn breathwork (pranayama) techniques to help manage stress or whether you want to learn to meditate a one to one session is a great gift.

Over time these one to one sessions will improve your ability to practice on your own and will improve your group practice enabling your practice to move through the physical, to the psychological and the spiritual.

Booking details

Prices are £60  for a one to one session or £250 for a course of five lessons. 

To book a session in Yoga or Tai Chi call 020 8901 6466

Our one to one yoga and tai chi timetable


Yoga with Daniela in Waterloo
Tai Chi and chi kung in Covent Garden with Laura

Tai chi and chi kung in Waterloo with Laura

Tai Chi and chi kung in Covent Garden with Laura

Tai chi with Keith Graham in Waterloo

Tai chi and chi kung in Waterloo with Laura