Health and weight loss program


Are you tired of strict dieting and trying to achieve your ideal weight? Do you feel like no matter how strict your diet is and how many times per week you go to the gym, you can’t lose weight?

Our new weight loss programme offers a healthier approach towards weight loss. It is focused on both weight loss and your body composition. It will help you to transform your body and feeling great without thinking and trying to lose weight.

Crash dieting may produce speedy and amazing results. However the weight loss will be in the form of body water and healthy lean muscles, while your fat will be stored rather than burned. Instead of crash dieting that is considered as a short term solution for weight loss you will be encouraged to follow principles of healthy & balanced diet, lifestyle and exercise programme. As a result you will lose your weight slowly and steadily and you will be able to maintain it after you complete the programme. Your body composition will also be improved.

.Your progress will be monitored by measuring your weight, fat loss, muscle gain and hydration level as they are the most important factors for transforming your body. You’ll also be able to monitor and improve some other factors that are essential to long term health (e.g. fat level, visceral fat level, bone mass, muscle mass and basal metabolic rate). It will take 6 - 8 weeks to complete the programme.

The programme includes

  • Initial one- to -one consultation with diet and lifestyle assessment, body composition analysis and goal setting.
  • Two follow-up consultations including progress monitoring, adjustments to your diet plan and maintenance action plan.
  • Body Composition Analysis Report (body fat%, muscle mass%, hydration level, visceral fat level, basal metabolism rate, BMI).
  • A highly personalised Diet & Lifestyle Plan (including a set of simple and delicious menu plans that suit your lifestyle and your food preferences).
  • Customised supplement programme (if appropriate).
  • Weekly e mail / telephone support and coaching.
  • Support Material ( A booklet with healthy and delicious recipes, menu planning tools, support with your shopping list)
  • Food Diary Analysis

Booking information

IF you really want to transform your body, lose weight and feel great start your weight loss journey today and call Simona on 07958323596 or email

The programme is available at Breathe London, 34 Colombo Street, SE1 8 DP. If you prefer, the sessions could be arranged at your workplace.

About Simona

Simona is a highly qualified and registered nutritional therapist specialising in weight loss, digestive problems, thyroid health and stress related conditions. Simona has experience working with busy professionals who often feel stressed and tired, unable to lose weight or experience digestive problems (IBS). She combines the latest nutrition science with supportive coaching to help a number of clients to boost overall health, regain their energy and enjoy food and life again

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