Charly Meehan reflexologist

About Charly and reflexology

Charly is a complementary therapist specialising in reflexology. She is passionate about the power of reflexology to support better health and wellbeing, taking a holistic approach and treating every client as a unique individual.

Charly’s clients find her treatments supportive when they are experiencing a range of challenges such as everyday stress, muscle tension, headaches, IBS, perimenopause and sleep disruption: finding her expert touch helps improve their mood, aid sleep and relieve tension. Many fall asleep during their treatments: emerging feeling relaxed, restored and energised.

All Charly’s treatments are holistic – covering all the reflexes – but she tailors each one to the needs and circumstances of every client. Whilst emphasising that reflexology isn’t diagnostic, Charly believes that whilst “the eyes are said to be windows to the soul, the soles are the window to the body”. Detecting and gently stimulating areas of particular tension in the reflexes can help rebalance whole body and mind wellbeing. 

Having worked for fifteen years in high-pressure roles in both the charity and corporate sectors before training as a complementary therapist, Charly has personal experience of navigating significant life change and of juggling competing pressures and priorities. She works in this context, understanding some of the barriers to wellbeing experienced in order to support and empower her clients to overcome them and improve their sense of wellbeing.

Today, as an accredited reflexology therapist, Charly believes in learning every day from every client about the power of this incredible complementary therapy to enhance individual health and wellbeing by supporting the body to function in harmony.  

Charly is registered with the AoR and CNHC for reflexology

Making a booking

Use the booking link above and click on “Breathe Southwark Therapy Rooms”

You can also contact Charly on 07879 060 266

  • Reflexology – Classic treatment focussed on the feet 1 hour £70
  • Facial Reflexology - 1 hour £80
  • Wellbeing Booster - (c.80 – 90 minutes) £125

Learn more about reflexology

How reflexology works:

Traditional reflexology works through the application of gentle, targeted massage to the feet, focusing on the areas – the reflexes – which correspond to the different organs and systems of the body. It can also be provided through massage to the hands and face.

Treatments include a brief preliminary consultation, and bespoke aftercare advice. 


More information about pricing and treatments 

Reflexology – Classic treatment focussed on the feet: 1 hour £70

A relaxing, restorative treatment tailored to your needs. Includes the pre-treatment consultation – allow up to 10 minutes for your first treatment (shorter for subsequent) - and bespoke aftercare advice.

(Reflexology is not recommended during the first trimester of pregnancy, during high-risk pregnancy or if you any foot / nail infections).


Facial Reflexology: 1 hour £80.00

Your face will be cleansed and massaged using high quality, organic and natural products designed to complement your treatment and enhance your wellbeing.

Facial Reflexology can be particularly supportive for reducing headaches, migraines and supporting with sleep, with the added benefit of firming, toning and smoothing the face.

Please note, Facial Reflexology is not suitable for three weeks following use of Botox or fillers or during pregnancy.


Wellbeing Booster: (c.80 – 90 minutes) £125

Your Wellbeing Boost starts with a facial reflexology treatment targeting the reflexes most associated with stress relief. Followed by a full classic foot reflexology treatment tailored to your needs, it will leave you feeling relaxed, re-balanced and restored. All treatments include a 10-15 minute consultation.
Please note this treatment is not suitable for clients who have used Botox or facial fillers within 3 weeks, or during pregnancy


Ultimate relaxation package: 90 - 100 minutes £150

Your ultimate relaxation package includes a back neck and shoulder Swedish massage, followed by a facial reflexology treatment targeting the reflexes most associated with stress relief and finishing with a full classic foot reflexology treatment tailored to your needs.

Health & Wellbeing Coaching: prices and packages on request, please enquire

Training and qualifications

  • ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology (London School of Reflexology)
  • ITEC iUCT29 Level 3 Diploma in Healthy Eating and Wellbeing for the Complementary Therapy Client
  • Facial Reflexology (trained by Ziggie Bergman at the London School of Reflexology)
  • Zone Face Lift (Bergman Method at the London School of Reflexology)
  • Complementary Therapies in Cancer Care (Reflexology): Butterfly Touch AoR Accredited Training Course
  • ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Holistic Massage (London School of Massage)

Charly is available on alternate Wednesdays at the Breathe clinic in Waterloo.

Days in clinic: