Debbie Small - reflexologist

Reflexologist and midwife

Debbie studied at Morley College London in 2017 under the guidance of Julie Quinn, who trained with the renowned Renee Tanner.

She continued to study advanced techniques, adding Fertility Reflexology, Foot Reading and Maternity Reflexology. Debbie also has qualifications in aromatherapy and is qualified in aromatherapy massage.

She is a member of the Association of Reflexologist (AoR) who ensures all members have been trained to the highest standard and their qualifications have met the National Occupational Standard and Core Curriculum for Reflexology.

When not working as a Reflexologist, Debbie works as a community midwife for the NHS and is based in London. She began her training in 2012 and has been working as a qualified midwife since 2015. Debbie has also undertaken further training as a midwife to combine both her love for complementary therapies and midwifery with the renowned Denise Tiran. Denise is an educational director of Expectancy who are the leading provider of accredited courses for midwives on aromatherapy and other complimentary therapies, to enable Debbie to provide Aromatherapy and Acupressure for Postdates Pregnancy whilst working as a midwife within the NHS. During her time as a midwife Debbie has also worked as a clinical teacher for King’s College London (KCL) and has a passion for teaching, which she hopes to continue at some point in the future.

Debbie’s main passion is taking a holistic approach to care and life itself. She incorporates mindfulness and nutrition into her all-round approach to health.

Booking a treatment with Debbie

Either contact her via the booking link above or call 07985263896

A 50-minute treatment costs £50

Debbie offers reflexology treatments on Mondays in Waterloo at the Colombo Centre.