Helen Antoniou - Nutritional Therapist, dipCNM, mBANT, rCNCH, mANP

Nutritional therapy with Helen

Helen studied at The Centre of Naturopathic Medicine graduating with distinction in Nutritional Therapy. Having previously worked in highly pressured professional services environments and having experienced her own health struggles she changed paths and retrained as a nutritional therapist. 

Helen sees a wide range of clients with differing goals but has a particular interest in Women's health (fertility, menopause, PMS, hormone balance, thyroid health), children and sports nutrition. 

How can nutritional therapy can help?

Nutritional Therapy is an evidence-based approach to nutrition and lifestyle, looking at the potential root causes of health issues, as opposed to focusing on symptoms.

Helen gathers information to assess each individual's health status identifying potential nutritional imbalances and other stressors that may be driving presenting symptoms. The primary focus is to use diet and dietary habit changes to optimise health and wellness. She does not diagnose or treat diseases, but often works alongside other healthcare professionals to best support her clients. Recommendations are focused on dietary (and lifestyle) changes, and where appropriate she may suggest supplements to support particular nutritional imbalances.

Clients visit nutritional therapists for many different reasons ranging from managing general well-being, to improving specific health complaints or perhaps to support in reaching specific goal. Some common areas of focus include;​

-       ​​General health and well-being

-       Digestive Health 

-       Low energy and fatigue

-       Hormonal imbalances

-       Blood sugar dysregulation

-       Skin conditions

-       Women’s health (fertility, PMS, menopause)

-       Mid-life and ageing health

-       Weight management

-       Mental health

-       Inflammatory and autoimmune conditions

-       Low immunity

-       Stress management

-       Sleep problems

-       Children’s nutrition

-       Sports training support


Treatment costs and booking details

Helen offers a FREE no obligation 20-minute discovery call to all potential clients. This provides a chance to discuss your goals, answer any questions you have regarding seeing a nutritional therapist and Helen’s approach as well as understanding which nutrition programme might be right for you should you wish to book a further appointment.

Consultations are available on a pay-as-you-go basis or as part of a package. An Initial consultation (75 minutes) and follow-up consultation (45 minutes) is £180. 

Helen also offers a DIET MOT consultation (£75) which does not focus on health issues but provides a diet and lifestyle review addressing potential nutrition gaps. 

Further details are available at www.kyklosnutrition.com

Helen consults online or is available face-face in Surrey and SW-London. 

Call Helen on 07985755411 or email info@kyklosnutrition.com quoting "Breathe London" or contact her via the booking consultation form above.