Luis De Sousa - Sports Massage

Luis De Sousa - Sports Massage 

Luis is a highly qualified Sports and Holistic Massage therapist, and his treatments can help benefit a range of different conditions and problems. He incorporates muscle energy, neuromuscular and soft tissue release techniques into his massage to ensure the best possible result and outcome, and he firmly believes that sports massage applied with these range of procedures, can when correctly applied help with injury recovery as well as injury prevention. 

About Luis

Luis has been part of the Sports & Deep Tissue massage team at Breathe London for five years and in that time has built up a large client base, who he sees on Tuesdays. In addition to working at Breathe he has been working with professional and semi professional rugby players at Rosslyn Park Rugby Club for the last three years and has also worked with mixed martial arts fighters and a professional British bodybuilder. He is a student of martial arts and enjoys Brazilian jiu-jitsu too. He is qualified in BTEC Level 4 Sports Massage Therapy Diploma and BTEC Level 4 Holistic Massage Therapy Diploma.

About Sports Massage

If you’re not a professional athlete, you may be curious how sports massage can help you, or be the right treatment for you. You might have previous assumed that sports massage was only for people who actively exercise or workout. 

The truth is though, sports massage can benefit many people, even those who don’t play regular sport. Sports massage is a way of treating a variety of different problems and pain-associated issues and because Luis brings his wealth of knowledge to his work, he is always looking to personalise and customise the treatment to each patient. 

Sports massage does not only have to help people with sports injuries, it can helps people gain more movement or flexibility, it can help with stress, it can even help with repetitive strain injuries.

In the past, Luis has helped treat people for a variety of things, including:  

  • Injury prevention 

  • Injury recovery

  • Shortening the recovery period after injury 

  • General stress management

  • Anxiety management

  • Enhance movement in problem areas 

  • Improving flexibility for problem areas 

  • Postural issues 

  • Repetitive strain injuries (caused by office working or repetitive manual work) 

His treatments are strong, powerful and effective and the results of sports massage are beneficial even to those who don’t play sports. 

A therapist for athletes

For people who play regular sports, and require intense sessions to aid recovery - Luis is the ideal therapist. His experience within the sports industry has meant he has been helping athletes and sports people for many years with issues such as: 

  • Reduction in muscle tension and muscle pain

  • Reduced recovery time post injury

  • Reduction in discomfort (especially after an intense workout or game) 

  • Increased range of motion - which means better performance in the future

  • Decreased muscle soreness

  • Decreased muscle stiffness 

  • Increased levels of relaxation

Luis commutes into London from his home in Cheltenham. He combines his passion for physical therapy with being a dad. Luis has a warm and engaging personality and is great therapist, making everyone feel comfortable and welcome during his sessions. 

"Nothing is so healing as the human touch" - Bobby Fischer

Get in touch

Luis is happy to talk through your issues before your session, and will always ask plenty of questions to ensure that the massage delivers the best results possible. When you feel out of joint his technique really helps remove blockages and tension, and helps you feel so much better, able and active.

TO BOOK CALL LUIS 0789108528.