Norah Jane Brasington

Hypnotherapy, Life coaching, NLP, Hypnobirthing, EFT and reflexology 

Norah decided on a career change at least partly due to the global shift prompted by 9/11.  She had up to that point had a very busy and often stressful life in the fashion industry. Qualifying as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and NLP master practitioner in 2003 helped not only her but others to regain balance and harmony in their lives. Many clients were coming with fertility issues that since that time Norah has undertaken further studies including hypnosis from Fertility to Birth, HypnoBirthing, Conversational Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis for Menopause.  In addition Norah is also an EFT therapist  and reflexologist

Norah Jane practices at Breathe Wellness Centre on Thursdays from 3.00-9.00pm

Other appointment times are available by arrangement.

One hour session cost £85

Block of x3 sessions £230 

More about Norah

Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation that can be used to facilitate inner change.  It’s a productive state of inner absorption where a natural learning state occurs from within. While in this state there is a measurable decrease in heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate, stress hormone levels and muscle tension leaving you with a wonderful feeling of relaxation.  Hypnosis used in conjunction with Life Coaching & NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) are powerful tools to get to the heart of the problem allowing the body to return to a calm and balanced state.

Whilst Norah will work with any problem state women’s wellness from Fertility through to Natural Birth is her speciality field. 


If you are struggling with fertility my aim is to help identify and resolve issues that may be preventing conception, we will explore conscious or unconscious resistance;

- Fears about pregnancy, birth & becoming parents

- Concerns about work vs family, finance

- Relationship issues

- Previous miscarriage, still birth or birth trauma

- Previous terminations

- Unresolved grief & trauma

These internal issues can affect work, friendships, family and relationships. Identifying and resolving them may clear your pathway to parenthood.  Fertility coaching will focus on preparing you for conception by helping you deal with these issues and more.


Scientific studies have shown hypnosis reduces the need for medical intervention and can reduce labour time. You and your partner can benefit from an education programme bringing together the knowledge of midwifery and skills of hypnotherapy where you will learn about the physical process together with some valuable self-hypnosis skills to encourage a calm, comfortable and natural birth. 


To relax mind and body, and essential part of a calm, natural birth
To overcome any fears
Self-hypnosis to help you manage pain and other symptoms of pregnancy
To prepare your body for labour and encourage natural labour to avoid artificial induction or intervention.

Other areas of expertise;

Resolve Relationship Issues
Career Changes
Low Self Esteem & Confidence Issues
Diet & Eating Disorders
Chronic Illness

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