Yoga - Daniela Essart

Daniela Essart - Yoga teacher

During the new normal Daniela is seeing clients remotely via zoom.  To book a one to one yoga session contact her today 

Daniela was introduced to Yoga during pregnancy in 1999.  She has been teaching for more than 10 years.   Her classes range from strong Vinyasa dynamic flow through to more gentle forms focussing on form and rehabilitation using the breath. She is also a qualified pregnancy yoga teacher.  She teaches in a creative, open-hearted way that aims to inspire, empower, and brings joy to the people that experience her practice. 

Daniela has been teaching one to one yoga sessions at Breathe for the last five years.  She is an experienced teacher offering great insights to help her clients develop their practice.  People see Daniela for many reasons inclduing:

  • to build strength and flexibility
  • return to health after illness
  • for stress management reasons
  • to help improve their focus and attention
  • to improve their asana technique 

Daniela works at the centre on Mondays and by prior appointment on Saturdays.

Daniela has a fun, loving and warm approach.  She is full of energy and light hearted and brings this approach to her sessions. Daniela brings together her training in dance and theatre to make every session feel magical and uplifting.  The advantage of a one to one session is that small adjustments can be made which change the way we move and the way we think.  Group classes are power but due to the size of classes old patterns may become more deeply embedded.  Yoga is about change and flow and one to one sessions allow us to reflect upon this change. A special relationship develops between teacher and student.  The teacher and student often swap roles and their is shared learning and growth in the relationship.

To book Daniela call 07974 978783. 

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
― Mahatma Gandhi