Laura Ichajapanich - Acupuncture

Laura Ichajapanich - Acupuncture, Tai Chi, Tui Na Massage

Laura was born in Asia and has returned to her roots through her interest in Chinese medical and martial arts. Her goal is to inspire people to become actively involved in developing their qi (functional energy) in order to achieve an enhanced quality of life. She has a Masters degree, with distinction, in Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture) from South Bank University and spent six months at Heilongjiang University, China.

Laura has 20 years experience as a taiji and qigong teacher in London. She teaches a qigong class and one-to-one sessions at Breathe. Laura has developed a practice that incorporates the yang sheng (life nourishing) aspect of exercise with a more hands on approach of tuina (Chinese massage) and the powerful yet subtle techniques of traditional Chinese acupuncture.

Laura specialises in Acupuncture for musculo-skeletal problems, pain relief, stress, anxiety and emotional issues, eating and digestive problems, skin problems, gynaecological and fertility issues, as well as neurological conditions such as strokes and Parkinson’s disease and symptoms associated with cancer. Laura also works at a cancer charity in a London hospital.

A common theme of the therapists at Breathe is that they combine experience, deep knowledge and care.  I have known Laura for over fourteen years.  She has been my Tai teacher and inspiration. We were blessed when she came to work at our centre four years ago.  She is someone who lives and breathes her profession. It is hard to be an effective therapist if you do not constantly strive to remove your own filters and know yourself. Laura brings her positive spirit and knowledge to her treatments.

To book an acupuncture session call Laura 07939043580 

"Knowing others is intelligence, 
knowing yourself is true wisdom. 

Mastering others is strength, 
Mastering yourself is true power" 

by Lao-Tzu