Core process psychotherapy

What is core process psychotherapy?

Core process psychotherapy (CPP) is a mindfulness-based approach to therapy and emphasises a deep, ongoing awareness of one's body and mental processes for self-exploration and healing. 

Sessions during covid-19

During 2020 and 2021, the therapists have been seeing clients remotely using Teams, Zoom or Skype.  This is still an option for you. However, they are now starting to bookings back at the centres.  Please contact them directly to find out more.

What is your next step to making an appointment?

To find out more about treatment plans, availability and pricing, contact the therapist directly. You can do this by phone or via a contact booking form. 


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Dorinda Talbot - Psychotherapy

Core Process Psychotherapy with Dorinda

Dorinda has practised Zen Buddhism for 26 years. She completed an MA in Core Process Psychotherapy at the Karuna Institute in Devon.