Waterloo Therapies

Waterloo Wellbeing therapies

Our Mind and Body therapy centre in Waterloo offers a wide range of mind, physical and energy therapies. 

We have been located at the Colombo Centre since 2004.  Our four beautiful treatment rooms are located on the top floor of the Colombo centre with views to the small church and park. As our areas gentrifies the treatment spaces provide a place of tranquillity, growth, healing and space among the busy hustle and bustle of the South Bank. We are proud to be in the Colombo centre, a not for profit organization run by Jubilee Hall trust and GLL on behalf of Coin street community builders.


Treatments include Acupuncture, Sports massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Reiki, One to one yoga, Rolfing, Stretch Therapy, physiotherapy, relaxing holistic massage and abdominal massage. In addition we offer the following mind therapies ; Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Smoking cessation sessions, Nutritional Therapy, BBT, relationship coaching and much more

To make a booking

To make a booking call 07434 618 742 or contact the therapists directly.  Their contact details are listed below. To book simply call the central referral number OR click on the links to contact the therapists directly 

We are located at the Colombo Sports and community centre 34 Colombo Street, Waterloo, SE1 8DP

Our timetable

Mondays in Waterloo

Sports, deep tissue, pregnancy and tai massage with Claudi

One to one yoga with Daniela
Physiotherapy with Mick
Psychotherapy and counselling with James


Tuesday in Waterloo

Sports and deep tissue massage with Luis
Acupuncture with Laura
Core process psychotherapy and mindfulness with Dorinda
Clinical psychology with Natalie

Rolfing and Cranio Sacral with Vicky

Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) with Thulasi

Wednesdays in Waterloo

Hypnotherapy, CBT and smoking cessation with David Lewis
Moving stretch therapy with Suzanne

Acupuncture, herbs and chinese medicine with Rahul

Rolfing and Cranio Sacral with Vicky

Thursdays in Waterloo

Rolfing with Keith Graham
Sports and deep tissue massage with Stan
Psychotherapy, addictions and counselling with Simon
Physiotherapy with Mick 

Reflexology and hypnotherapy with Norah

Fridays in Waterloo

Reiki with Lorna
Acupuncture with Laura

Cognitive behaviour therapy with Susan 
Rolfing and Crani Sacral Therapy with Vicky 

Weekends in Waterloo


Clinical psychology with Natalie