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Sports and deep tissue massage

Stan Rechcigl has worked at Breathe London for over ten years and is one of the owners. Stan practises sports, deep tissue and also relaxing forms of massage.

Sports massages help people recovering from injury, who have particular ailments (such as lower back pain) or who want to improve their movement and flexibility. Many people find a regular sports massage improves their recovery from exercise and is an essential part of maintaining physical wellbeing.

There is a subtle difference between sports and deep tissue massage. Whereas sports massage focusses on improving the condition and mobility of areas of the body, deep tissue is more holistic. Both treatments often involve strong pressure. However, an experienced therapist often blends strong and more subtle pressure to enable the body to open, relax and recover.

Contact Stan today to determine which treatment is appropriate for you, availability, pricing, and the results you can expect from treatment. His contact details are on the biography below.

How to find us

We work in the same building as Jubilee Hall Gym, Jubilee Hall Gym, 30 The Piazza, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 8BE.

The building is within walking distance of several notable attractions, such as the Royal Opera House and National Gallery. We are also right beside the London Transport Museum. 

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