Sports massage

What is Sports massage?

Try googling ‘what’s the difference between Sports and Deep Tissue massage” and you will be struck by how confusing it all sounds.  Some sites say that Sports massage therapists deal with sports injuries, elite  athletes, optimum performance, injury prevention and improving workout recovery times.  Whilst others emphasise that Sports massages are for everyone and anyone.

Many sites describe very similar massage techniques in both styles.  There is manipulation of skin, fascia and muscle.  There is stretching, movement and well timed and placed pressure.

What is clear is that Sports massage therapists tend to train for longer and have a greater depth of medical knowledge.  And by the very nature of the words “Sports massage”, they tend to work in gyms or rehab centres.  They also tend to attract sports people and people who train their bodies and also often work closely in teams with physios, osteopaths or chiropractors.

This type of exposure to clients and their needs focuses the attention of the therapist, making them very adept at dealing with common injuries.  Over time they get to know the best way of enhancing optimum performance.

However a newly qualified Sports massage therapist, who has a broad and deep medical knowledge, may lack the experience, touch and intuition of a Deep Tissue therapist, who may have practiced for many years.

How to choose a Sports massage therapist

Whether you are choosing Sports or Deep Tissue therapists go for experience. All the therapists at Breathe have over five years massage experience and most have over ten.

This enables them to blend their body knowledge with the vital knowledge of human touch.

A good therapist listens, is empathetic and treats the body and mind with compassion and intelligence.  As a massage client we can tell whether a therapist is used to the human body.  There is a confidence of touch and that assurance enables us to relax and be enveloped by the healing process (whether that is Sports, Deep Tissue or any one of the other amazing therapies at Breathe London).

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Natalie Heng – Waterloo clinic

Clinical and sports massage

Natalie Heng is an Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage Therapist offering targeted and effective treatments designed to calm the nervous system and address chronic pain issues. Every treatment is relaxing, restorative and tailored to your  specific needs.

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Andrea Lovasi Massage Therapist

Relaxation & Recovery with Hands on Holistic Healing

Massage therapy is an extremely beneficial therapy, especially in a city like London where life can fly past you at a million miles an hour. Making time to treat your body with respect, and making time to encourage healing and balance is so important.

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Zsolt – massage therapist

Zsolt - massage therapist 

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Sports Massage Stan Rechcigl

Stan - Sports & Deep Tissue Massage, Relaxing Swedish Massage Kynesio taping

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