Swedish massage

What is Swedish massage?

Swedish massage is a much-underrated form of massage.  For many therapists they begin their journey of body work by undertaking a certificate in Swedish massage.

Many then go on to take certificates and diplomas in other forms of massage such as Deep Tissue and Sports Massage.  Most of us then learn from different modalities and teachers to weave techniques together so that our massages are unique.  This is a wonderful journey for the therapist but in some ways leads many to disregard their first form of massage. A massage snobbery might develop where the humble Swedish massage is ignored.  It might be seen as basic or light .

In experienced hands however Swedish massage is a unique and powerful experience with profound rejuvenating effects.

Swedish massage includes a number of different techniques including:

  • Long deep rhythmic movements
  • Light brushing movements
  • Strong deep work
  • Tapping
  • Kneading
  • Cupping

What is it useful for?

The effect of an hour-long Swedish massage treatment can be euphoric. It is a great massage to reduce stress, improve circulation and reduce tension in knotty shoulders.

When you get a massage be a mindful massage client.  As the therapist brings attention to different parts of your body with different types of touch, observe how the body and mind responds to the different sensations.  These different Swedish massage techniques help us stay present and the very act of being present is part of the healing process.  Let the process wash over you.

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Holistic massage with Jana 

After moving to London in June 2000 and trying my hands at various jobs I felt that nothing really moved nor gave me the job satisfaction I much needed until I discovered my passion, which was to become a massage therapist.

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Zsolt - massage therapist 

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