Waterloo Sports Massage

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About us 

Here at Breathe London, we offer a wide range of massage treatments including (but not limited to) sports massage and sports recovery. Our therapy team has been operating in the Waterloo area for 14 years, and can offer experienced, reliable services. 

What we offer 

We know that fast healing and recovery is essential if sports and exercise is a large part of your life and routine. If you work or live in the Waterloo area and need a sports massage in SE1, our wonderful team of therapists can be on hand to help. Our wide range of massage treatments include; Sports and Deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, Craniosacral therapy, Reiki, Rolfing, Kinesio taping, Physiotherapy, Abdominal massage. Tui na massage and Pregnancy massage.

Why choose a sports massage? 

During the course of training or playing sport, your body can often feel tense or tight afterwards or between sessions. This generally happens when your muscles are overworked or used excessively - and as they recover and heal you’ll feel those aches and pains. It’s something that many people might find uncomfortable or difficult, and it’s why sports massages in waterloo are so popular and in demand. 

The best way to treat a sports injury, or pain from exercise, is by finding a skilled sport masseuse to treat the area. During a sports massage your therapist will target their treatment on the soft tissues around the area that is aching. The end goal is to help recuperation and recovery, but many people also use sports massage as an intensive warm-up / cool down too.  

The benefits of a sports massage

As we briefly mentioned above, a sports massage can help speed up recovery of muscle aches, pains and sport injuries. However, it can also aid in the following: 

Improved relaxation 
Improved flexibility of muscles and joints 
Increased blood circulation (good for aiding recovery)
Less muscle tension 

How to find us 

We’re based in the centre of Waterloo, so we’re easy to reach from the underground station, and most bus routes. Our therapy rooms are located on the top floor of the Colombo Centre: 34 Colombo street SE18DP. 


Our pricing will depend on the length of your sports massage and the type of treatment you require. Please get in touch with one of our therapists below to receive a direct quote from them. 

Our Therapists & How to book 

Claudia – Sports, deep tissue, pregnancy and Swedish massage – Mondays
Mick – Physiotherapy – Mondays and Thursdays
Luis - Sports and deep tissue – Tuesdays
Vicky – Craniosacral therapy and rolfing  - Tuesdays and Wednesdays 
Ivaylo and Sasho  - Sports and deep tissue massage – Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays
Stan – Sports and deep tissue, Kinesio taping – Thursdays
Keith – Rolfing – Thursdays
Angie – Abdominal massage – By appointment only
Laura – Tui Na massage – Tuesdays and Fridays
Brenda – Tui na massage – By appointment only