Tui Na Massage

What is tuina?

Tuina is a strong form of acupressure massage. Tuina (pronounced 'twee-nah') describes two fa or techniques - tui (push) and na (grasp).

This ancient Chinese medical massage system uses the hands to stimulate acupuncture points on the body's surface to increase circulation or the flow of 'qi' and improve the body's own healing process.

There are dozens of techniques used in Chinese massage. 

The techniques divide into two forms, yin and yang. Yin is gentle, meditative and uses breathing and focussing on a specific acupuncture point, channel, organ or area. And yang, which is dynamic, uses physical techniques to get a deeper de qi sensation and remove blockages or knots in the channels. \

Tuina massage is administered through loose clothing with the patient either seated or lying on a couch.

Tuina benefits

Patients come for tuina with the following conditions:

  • musculoskeletal problems - sciatica, frozen shoulder, neck, shoulder & back pain
  • sports injuries - tennis elbow, muscle and ligament problems
  • stress & emotions - anxiety, insomnia, depression
  • hormonal issues – thyroid, menopause, PMT
  • symptoms relating to cancer treatment, Parkinson's
  • health preservation - general MOT, just a little wake-up or something to lift the spirits

Making a booking 

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