Nutrition and stress

Stress and Nutrition Introduction 

The body responds differently to acute vs. chronic stress. When faced with a tiger, the body and brain focus on survival, and when we’re either eaten or escape, the stress response stops. Chronic stress is different because the body and brain experience a constant ‘tiger’ threat, and there’s no escape. The pandemic, which has gone on for over two years now is such a chronic stress ‘tiger!’

The body synthesises adrenalin, for our short-term stress response, and then cortisol, for a longer, chronic stress response. Regardless, nutrients are required to synthesize these stress hormones and they are used in preference to their use for making other compounds, such as serotonin and melatonin. This leads to a shift in the brains ability to manage emotions and predisposes the brain to anxiety and depression. The long-term impact of chronic stress is also far reaching for the body, as it changes the body’s natural repair and heal mechanisms and reduces immune function.

To get the body and brain back into a state of equilibrium requires both a nutritional and mindset shift. But starting with the nutritional shift enables the mindset shift to occur with greater ease. 

Online group Coaching

Dr Delia McCabe runs month-long online group coaching courses for people who want a deep dive into the how and why of feeding their brain optimally to become stress-resilient, to protect their brain from premature ageing and prevent cognitive decline via lifestyle shifts. Delia also works with clients individually, in 90-minute sessions, to address stress induced mood shifts, weight gain, and digestive and energy challenges. Delia meets with the group for 90 minutes each week over the month to answer questions and provides email support over this time for participants who need personalised attention.

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AU$497 (GBP263). 

Private Consults

When you choose to work with Delia individually you will receive four questionnaires to fill in and complete before the session. The 90-minute session comprises feedback on the questionnaires and personalised strategies for change which include a list of foods to focus on, evidence-based dietary supplements, and simple psychological shifts that will support you to feel ‘light and bright’ quickly. Cost: AU$497 (GBP$263).

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Helen Antoniou - Nutritional Therapist, dipCNM, mBANT, rCNCH, mANP

Nutritional therapy with Helen

Helen studied at The Centre of Naturopathic Medicine graduating with distinction in Nutritional Therapy. Having previously worked in highly pressured professional services environments and having experienced her own health struggles she changed paths and retrained as a nutritional therapist.