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Finding the right therapy and therapist at Breathe London

Pain, mobility, injury and sports performance

If you are in physical pain, have restricted movement, recovering from surgery or a sports injury, it's advisable to find out more about sports massage, osteopathy, acupuncture, podiatry or laser shock therapy.  Each type of treatment has a slightly different approach, but all have similar aims - more movement, less pain and more vitality.  
If you want help finding a physical treatment (or any of our treatments) , CONTACT us today.
Alternatively, please read about our different types of therapies below, and then contact one of the therapists directly via their contact details. They will give you advice about the treatment, scheduling times, costs and outcomes.


Energy, calm and balance

If you feel tired, low energy, stressed and too busy, it might be a good idea to try one of the relaxing therapies such as reiki, craniosacral, Swedish massage or chi kung.
All of us need an energy boost every so often, and these treatments allow us to step back, pause and let go of stored tension.  The treatments are relaxing, the therapy rooms nurturing, and the therapists kind and compassionate.


Mental wellbeing

The mind therapists offer therapy sessions to help handle stress, anxiety, the pressures of working from home and social anxiety.  


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To get advice or arrange a consultation, contact the therapists directly via their bios – their phone numbers are included, and you can contact them directly via email through the online booking form.

Body Therapies 


hot stone massage



Deep tissue massage

Holistic Therapies

Kinesio taping

Laser shock therapy





Sports massage

Swedish massage

Tui Na Massage

Energy Therapies


hand holding glass ball reflecting sunlight

Cranial Sacral therapy

Energy healing



Tai Chi