Psychotherapy and Counselling in Waterloo, London

The Breathe London psychotherapy, counselling and coaching team in Waterloo is one of the largest and most experienced in the area.  David, Simon, Dorinda, Natalie, James, Madeleine, Susan and Simona offer their many years of experience in:

Breathe London has been built as an integrated mind and body practice. Our patients and clients come to see us for many different reasons.  Some people just need a quick check in with a kind hearted independent sounding board. For others the process may unfold over a number of sessions. 

Our practitioners have decades of experience behind them and all have trained to a high level in a range of therapy areas.  In successful therapy and coaching there are at least five vital components:

  • the expertise and years of experience of the therapist or coach
  • the positive intention of the therapist
  • the positive relationship between the person coming for therapy and the therapist
  • the physical healing space within which the therapy takes place
  • the awareness that the components of joy, love and strength  are contained within us all; in therapy we help us other develop a calm, coherent and self compassionate view of our own journey and self worth

Our Waterloo psychotherapy, counselling and coaching business is on the top floor of the Colombo centre, 34 Colombo street SE18DP.

To make a booking

Therapy costs vary between types of therapy and the therapist.  To find out more about their approach, pricing structure and availability please click on the link and contact them by our online consultation arrangement service or by simply calling them :

James – Psychotherapy and counselling - Mondays

Natalie – Clinical psychology  - Tuesdays

David – Psychotherapy, Smoking cessation and hypnotherapy – Wednesdays

Simon - Psychotherapy and counselling – Thursdays

Madeleine – Relationship coaching, Cognitive behaviour therapy, Positive psychology strengths coaching – By appointment

Susan – Cognitive behaviour therapy – Fridays

Simona – Nutrition therapy, advice and testing  - By appointment