Smoking cessation

What is Smoking Cessation therapy?

Do you or a loved one still smoke? If yes, there are several treatment plans which can help.

Hypnotherapy for Smoking Cessation is an effective and efficient intervention for those who want to stop. This means the intervention is best suited to those who are motivated to self-refer for treatment rather than being nagged and cajoled into doing it by a loved one, medical professional or friend.

More about the treatment

The treatment takes up to ninety minutes. Whilst seated in an upright position, you will be inducted into a trance state. All of us do trance states frequently during any one day (daydreaming, reverie etc.), and there is nothing mystical or magical about being in this altered state of consciousness. 

In hypnotherapy, the practitioner guides you into an altered state of consciousness by using language patterns that are targeted and tailor-made to your circumstances.

The suggestions given by a therapist build motivation, address cravings and increase the drive to lead a healthier life free from cigarettes and harmful tobacco. 

Who can practice in this area?

Hypnotherapy in the UK is not regulated in the same way as Psychotherapy. Therefore it is important to make sure your Hypnotherapist has undergone professional training to obtain the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD) or equivalent and is signed up to a reputable accrediting body such as the National Council Hypnotherapy (NCH). 

Making a booking

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